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Honey, natural


TBS Pure Honey (Litchi Honey) Litchi Honey is sourced from fresh litchi blossoms growing in Nepal. Litchi is delicious, juicy fruit famous for its excellent quality, pleasant flavor, juicy pulp with attractive red color. Our Litchi honey is coming directly from the selected litchi orchards of terai and low hills of Eastern and Central part of Nepal during flowering season. This honey is light colored and buttery with a melt-in-the-mouth flavor as its fruit. Its light creamy and distinctive flavor makes it a great addition to buttered toast, light tea and breakfast cereal.

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0.5 ton

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Natural Honey from Litchi floral source

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Food grade PET jar in 1 kg. and TAG indicating the source

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FoB USD 11.30 per Kg

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12 kg