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Name Restriction on transfer, transaction, export or collection of ancient monument and archaeological object or curio
Description Section 13 - Anhistorical, archaeological or artistic object as prescribed by Government of Nepal by a notification published in the NepalGazette shall not be exported from Nepal or transferred from oneplace to another even within Nepal.
Comments Comments
Validity From 1956-11-12
Validity To 9999-12-31
Technical Code
Agency Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation
Created Date 2017-01-15 14:57:26.0
Update Date 2017-05-22 15:00:46.0
Status Active
Measure Type Permit Requirement
Legal/Regulation Ancient Monument Preservation Act 2013 (1956 AD)
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This measure applies to commodity/s

HS Code Description
83061010 Bells gongs & the like of base metal for cycles, Bells, cycles, non-electric, base metal
83061090 Chimes, door, copper, non-electric, Gongs, copper, excluding musical instruments and clock gongs, Nickel plated bells (non-electric), Other bells gongs & the like of copper, Wind chimes, copper, non-electric
83062100 Base metal ornaments plated with precious metals, Base metal statuettes plated with precious metals, Ornaments, base metal plated with precious metals, Statuettes plated with precious metals
83062900 Bronze statues, Copper ornaments, Copper statuettes, Copper trophy, Lead ornaments, Lead statuettes, Ornaments, copper, excluding ornaments plated with precious metals, Ornaments, lead, excluding ornaments plated with precious metals, Statuettes, copper,
83063000 Copper photograph frames, Copper picture frames, Frames, copper, for mirrors, photographs or pictures
97011000 Drawings executed entirely by hand, Paintings executed entirely by hand, Pastels executed entirely by hand
97019000 Manuscripts, illuminated, executed entirely by hand
97020000 Etchings, original, Original engravings, Original lithographs, Original prints
97030000 Original sculptures and statuary, in any material
97040000 First day covers bearing postage stamps, First-day covers, Postal stationery, Stamp Collection, Stamped paper, Stamp-postmarks, Stamps, franked or stamped, used, Stamps, unused, not of current or new issue in the country
97050000 Anatomical Collection, not over 100 years, Archaeological Collection, not over 100 years, Botanical Collection, not over 100 years, Coin Collection, excluding antique coin Collection, Collection, historical, not over 100 years, Eggs, blown or sucked, for
97060000 Anatomical Collection, antique, over 100 years, Antique clocks, Antique furniture, Antique gold wares, Antique jewellery, Antique musical instruments, Antique silver wares, Archaeological Collection, antique, over 100 years, Botanical Collection, antique,