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Name Protection of copyright
Description Section 3. Protection of copyright: (1) Copyright protection shall be extended to any work. (2) Any translation, arrangement, sequential arrangement of work or collection of works presented as original from viewpoint of presentation, collection or expression, data or database readable with or without support of machine, any proverb, folktale, folk song falling under folk expression or any other derivate works based on folk expression shall be protected as original work, without prejudice to the copyright of the original work.
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Validity From 2002-08-15
Validity To 9999-12-31
Technical Code
Agency Ministry of Industry
Created Date 2017-02-13 15:09:05.0
Update Date 2017-02-13 15:09:05.0
Status Active
Measure Type Formality Requirement
Legal/Regulation The Copyright Act, 2059 (2002)
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