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Name To Submit an Application for Prospecting License to prospect minerals quality and quantity of which have not been yet determined
Description Section 6: To Submit an Application for Prospecting License to prospect minerals quality and quantity of which have not been yet determined
Comments Comments
Validity From 1999-09-16
Validity To 9999-12-31
Technical Code
Agency Ministry of Industry
Created Date 2017-04-27 14:19:19.0
Update Date 2017-05-23 15:12:51.0
Status Active
Measure Type Licensing Requirement
Legal/Regulation Mines and Minerals Rules, 2056 (1999)
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Applying for Prospecting License to prospect minerals quality and quantity of which have not been yet determined Procedure for applying for Prospecting License to prospect minerals quality and quantity of which have not been yet determined Procedure View

This measure applies to commodity/s

HS Code Description
25010010 Industrial salt
25010090 Salt, table, Sea water
25020000 Pyrites, iron, unroasted
25030000 Sulfur concentrate, Sulphur, excluding sublimed, precipitated and colloidal sulphur
25041000 Graphite, natural (black-lead), in powder or flakes, Graphite, natural, in powder, Plumbago, in powder or flakes
25049000 Graphite, natural (black-lead), excluding natural graphite powder and flakes
25051000 Sands, glass (silica), Sands, quartz, Silica sand
25059000 Sands, clayey, used for preparing foundry moulds and refractory products, Sands, felspathic, used in ceramic industry, Sands, kaolinic, used for preparing foundry moulds and refractory products
25061000 Quartz, crude or roughly trimmed, excluding natural sands
25062000 Quartzite, crude or roughly trimmed, Quartzite, in blocks or slabs
25070000 Clay, china (Kaolin), Kaolin (China clay)
25081000 Bentonite, Bentonite clay, Bentonite powder
25083000 Fire-clay
25084000 clays Other
25085000 Andalusite, Kyanite, Sillimanite
25086000 Mullite
25087000 Earth, chamotte (fire-clay grog), Earth, dinas
25090000 Calcium carbonate, natural, Chalk, natural
25101000 Aluminium calcium phosphates, natural, unground
25102000 Aluminium calcium phosphates, natural, ground
25111000 Barium sulphate, natural, Barytes
25112000 Barium carbonate, natural, Witherite
25120000 Diatomeceous earth, Diatomite, not activated, Kieselguhr
25131000 Bimskies (crushed pumice)
25132000 Abrasives, natural, Corundum, natural, Emery, Garnet, natural
25140000 Slate, in blocks or slabs
25151100 Marble, crude or roughly trimmed
25151200 Marble, in blocks, Marble, in slabs
25152000 Alabaster, in blocks or slabs, Ecaussine, in blocks or slabs
25161100 Granite, crude or roughly trimmed
25161200 Granite slabs
25162000 Sandstone
25169000 Basalt, crude roughly trimmed, or in blocks or slabs, Porphyry, crude or roughly trimmed, or in blocks or slabs
25171000 Flint (stone), excluding flints for mechanical lighters, Granite, crushed or broken, Gravel, excluding granite gravel, Gravel, granite, Pebbles, excluding granite pebbles, Shingle, excluding granite shingle, Stones, crushed, excluding granite
25172000 Macadam, dross, Macadam, slag
25173000 Macadam, tarred
25174100 Marble, chippings, Marble, granules, Marble, powder
25174900 Granite, chippings, Granite, granules, Granite, powder, Pebble stones of granite, Pebbles, granite, Sandstone, chippings, Sandstone, granules, Sandstone, powder
25181000 Dolomite, not calcined or sintered
25182000 Dolomite, calcined or sintered
25183000 Dolomite, ramming mix, Dolomite, tarred
25191000 Magnesite, Magnesium carbonate, natural, Natural magnesium carbonate
25199000 magnesium oxide, whether or not pure.
25201000 Anhydrite, Gypsum, Gypsum in bulk, Gypsum; anhydrite
25202000 Plasters (consisting of calcined gypsum or calcium sulphate)
25210000 Limestone, Limestone flux
25221000 Calcium oxide, natural (Quicklime), Quicklime
25222000 Calcium hydroxide, natural (slaked lime), Hydrated lime, Lime, slaked
25223000 Lime, hydraulic
25231000 Cement clinkers
25232100 Cement, white
25232900 Cement, coloured
25233000 Cement Aluminous, Cement, aluminous
25239000 Cement, slag, Cement, supersulphate
25241000 Crocidolite
25249000 Asbestos excluding crocidolite
25251000 Mica, crude, Mica, splittings
25252000 Mica, powder
25253000 Mica, waste
25261000 Soapstone, natural, not crushed or powdered, Steatite, natural, not crushed or powdered
25262000 Crushed steatite, Crushed talc, Powdered steatite, Soapstone, crushed or powdered, Soapstone, natural, crushed or powdered, Steatite, natural, crushed or powdered, Talc, powdered
25280000 Acid, boric, natural (not more than 85%), Boracite, Borates, natural, excluding sodium borate, Boric acid, not more than 85% of H3BO3, Natural calcium borates, Pandermite, Priceite, Sodium borates, natural
25291000 Felspar
25292100 Fluorspar, containing 97% or less calcium fluoride
25292200 Fluorspar, containing over 97% calcium fluoride, Fluospar, natural, containing by weight more than 97% of calcium fluoride
25293000 Leucite, Nepheline, Nepheline syenite
25301000 Chlorites, unexpanded, Perlite, unexpanded, Vermiculite, unexpanded
25302000 Epsomite, Kieserite
25309000 Garric Poudar