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Procedure Name To Certify Electronic Record

Electronic Transaction Rules 2064 ( 2007)

Section  3. To Certify Electronic Record: (1) A person intending to certify the electronic record or the information kept in electronic form by digital
signature may certify such record or information by fulfilling the
following procedures:- 
(a)    by creating hash result by the use of hash function by means of software contained in one’s computer, and
(b) by creating a digital signature from the result under Clause (a) by the use of private key of the person affixing the digital signature by means of software.

(2) Any electronic record certified by digital signature created
under Sub-rule (1) and the digital signature certifying such record shall be deemed to be a legally recognized electronic record and digital signature.

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To Certify Electronic Record Formality Requirement Ministry of Energy To Certify Electronic Record Comments Electricity Regulation 2050 (1993) 9999-12-31 Goods