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Honey, natural


KASTI Himalayan Mustard Honey Pleasant tasting honey, sweet, aromatic, and light yellow in color, this honey comes from the nectar of mustard plant which flowers in different parts of Nepal in autumn season. Mustard are commonly farmed cooking vegetable in Nepal. The leaves are used for cooking, stem for making pickle and seeds as spices. The mustard is grown in foothills of mountains as well as in inner Tarai region in Nepal. It is a winter crop from Tarai to the mid hills where as it is a summer crop for the high hills up to 2000 m. above sea level. Plant blossoms at the end of the growing season and bees forages both nectar and pollen from small yellow flower.

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0.5 ton

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Natural Honey from Mustard floral Source

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Food grade PET CAN in 350 gm

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FoB USD 5.50 for 350 gm pack

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12 pack