EU-Nepal Trade and Investment Project

EU – Nepal Trade and Investment Programme

Inclusive growth through regional integration, trade intelligence and participation in global value chains


At a glance


Title: EU-Nepal Trade-Related Assistance: Facilitating Increased Trade and Participation in Coffee and Pashmina Value Chains Project

Duration: January 2020 – December 2023

Funder: European Union (EU)

Implementing partner: Ministry of Minister of Industry, Commerce and Supplies

Goal: Contribute to Nepal's sustainable, inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction by increasing trade and participation in regional and global value chains.

The project aims at enhancing the capacities of the country's Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies and the Trade and Export Promotion Centre to formulate trade policies, negotiate trade agreements and implement them effectively. The project provides assistance to the sustainable and inclusive development of Nepal's coffee and pashmina value chains, focusing on export development.

These efforts build on the completed Nepal Pashmina Enhancement and Trade Support project, Nepal's recently launched national coffee sector strategy, and the recommendations of the non-tariff measure survey, all three developed with ITC's assistance.