Export TF Guide - Coffee to USA
Export TF Guide - Coffee to USA

The overall objective of this Export Trade Facilitation Guide for the coffee sector is to describe in a step-by-step manner all the export-related trade procedures for coffee exporters in Nepal.

. The targeted audience is small and medium enter­prises (SMEs) that are ready to export or are already exporting. Thus, the guide will not focus on the produc­tion side of the value chain, or firm-level issues like readiness to export or ability to meet quality require­ments.

. The proposed export guide follows a logistical se­quencing of steps that exporters would go through: from what is the market for coffee trade; what are the export procedures they will need to go through and also where they may get help/other information.

. The guide addresses the administrative requirements to export coffee from Nepal to the United States of America (USA) because the USA is a leading market for Nepalese coffee, and the export potential to export more Nepalese coffee to the USA is significant.