Benefit of Registering

Benefit of Registering

Nepal Trade Information Portal is an endeavor of Trade and Export Promotion Centre to provide all the necessary information to Nepali entrepreneurs vying to take their products in the international markets. At the same time, the Portal also serves as a platform for international buyers to explore Nepali products and sellers. The information on the Portal includes step-by-step guides to export and import; requirements for exporting and importing certain products; detailed profiles of major export commodities; directory of trades and trade service providers; trade statistics on commodities and countries to aid market research for Nepali exporters; list of upcoming exhibitions and trade events—domestic and international, among others. By providing all the required information to the traders in a single place, the Portal aims at enhancing communication between Nepali exporters and prospective buyers from across the globe. 

Registering your trade-related businesses—manufacturing, agri-business, trading companies, banks, insurance companies, cargo companies, among others—will give you an opportunity to showcase your products and services to prospective clients.

Benefits of becoming a registered member of the portal are;

Marketing and Outreach Platform

Portal provides an opportunity to showcase your products and services to a host of international buyers and traders by simply having your profile in the Portal. Since the Portal is a government platform, having your profile featured here will enhance credibility.

Tool for Expanding Business Network

The Portal will allow prospective buyers and sellers to contact each other directly, this includes traders, manufacturers, farmers, wholesalers, agents, customs agents and freight forwarders from all across the world.

Market Research Tool

The Portal contains extensive information on Nepal’s trade statistics, tariff rates, SPS/TBT requirements, information on major markets and major products, monthly trade bulletins, news about upcoming trade events and opportunities. Such information will be of great help for the traders to research potential markets. 

Information about Promotional Events

Registering at the portal will make you privy to the latest alerts and announcements on trade opportunities, such as exhibitions, trade fairs among others, providing traders to make effective marketing and outreach plans.

Free of Cost

Nepal Trade Information Portal does not charge any fee for registration or for providing information to prospective buyers and sellers.