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Name License to be obtained for production and distribution and exhibition of motion picture
Description Section 3 -License to be obtained for production m Distribution and exhibition of Motion Picture: No one shall produce, distribute or exhibit the following motion pictures without obtaining license from Government of Nepal or by an officer prescribed by Government of Nepal.(a) Feature film and(b) Other types of motion Picture as prescribed by Government of Nepal upon a Notification published in the Nepal Gazette from time to time.(2) The Format of application to be submitted for production distribution or exhibition of motion pictures pursuant to Sub-section (1), the format of license and the conditions to be followed by the licensee and the payable fee shall be a prescribed.(3) The duration of license to be generated for the distribution of motionpictures shall be as prescribed.
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Validity From 1969-09-04
Validity To 9999-12-31
Technical Code
Agency Ministry of Information and Communication
Created Date 2017-01-13 13:04:00.0
Update Date 2017-01-13 14:40:33.0
Status Active
Measure Type Licensing Requirement
Legal/Regulation Motion Picture (Production, Exhibition and Distribution) Act, 2026 (1969)
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