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Name Public exhibition of any work or copy of the work
Description Section 23. Public exhibition allowed: Notwithstanding anything contained in clauses (h) of Section 7, in cases where any person intends to have public display of any work or copy of the work, he may do so without authorization of its author or copyright owner. Provided, however, that such public display has to be made without the help of film, slide, television image or otherwise using the screen or device of other kind.
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Validity From 2002-08-15
Validity To 9999-12-31
Technical Code
Agency Ministry of Industry
Created Date 2017-02-13 13:19:37.0
Update Date 2017-02-13 13:19:37.0
Status Active
Measure Type Formality Requirement
Legal/Regulation The Copyright Act, 2059 (2002)
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