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Procedure Name Application for Renewal Permission for Import of Plants

Plant Protection Rule 2066 ( 2010)

Rule 6: Provisions relating to renewal of entry permit

(1) A person or body who intends to renew the entry permit obtained pursuant to Sub-rule (3) of Rule 5 has to make an application, in the format referred to in Schedule-7, to the Chief of Office who has issued such permit, prior to Seven days of the expiration of the term of the entry permit.

(2) If, upon necessary examination of the application received pursuant to Sub-rule (1), it appears reasonable to renew the entry permit, the Chief of Office may renew such entry permit for a maximum period of three months, upon collecting the fee of four hundred Rupees.

Requirement/Supporting Documents

1.       Application with valid reason behind the renewal request mentioning the entry point and time.

2.       Original copy of the expired  entry permit 

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Application Form for the Renewal of Entry Permit Format of application for the renewal of entry permit 2016-03-31 2020-09-09 minsitry of government

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Renewal of Import Entry Permit for Plants Permit Requirement Ministry of Agriculture Development Preventing the introduction, establishment, prevalence and spread of pests while importing plants and plant products, promoting trade in plants and plant products by adopting appropriate measures for their effective control.Rule 6 Comments Plant Protection Rule 2066 ( 2010) 9999-12-31 Goods