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Motion Picture (production, exhibition and distribution) Rules, 2057 (2000) 

Section 17. Motion Pictures to be censored: (1)  Native producer or Exhibitors shall have to make an application to the concerned Motion Picture Censor Committee in a prescribed format as referred to pursuant to Schedule -10 for having the motion picture censored. 

(2) Exhibitors shall exhibit motion pictures only which are permitted by the Motion Picture Censor Committee. 

(3) The Motion Picture Censor Committee may provide permission with conditions for exhibiting publicly of any motion picture to the following persons and the concerned distributor or exhibitor shall mention such things in the advertisement materials clearly:- (a) For the person who crossed Sixteen years, (b) For the person who are below the Sixteen years with parental guidance, (c) For the person who are from certain profession or area, (d) For all. 

(4) The exhibitor shall exhibit the motion picture censor certificate received from Motion Picture Censor Committee in the screen before exhibiting the Motion Picture. 

(5) The exhibitor shall not exhibit Motion Picture Censored by the Motion Picture Censor Committee upon making any edit (katchhat). Provided that, If a censored Motion Picture is to be changed or edited (Katchhat), such Motion Picture may exhibited after the recensored by the Motion Picture Censor Committee. 

(6) The exhibitor shall not exhibit the Motion Picture by selling more tickets than the seat capacity of the cinema hall.

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Application to get motion pictures censored Format of an application form to get motion pictures censored 2017-05-11 2017-05-11 Ministry of Information and Communication

Name Measure Type Agency Description Comments Legal Document Validity To Measure Class
Censor of motion Picture Restriction Ministry of Information and Communication Section 8. Censor of motion Picture: (1) (2) The Film Censor Board shall provide reasonable opportunity to the applicant to put his/her defense, prior to make any decision regarding whether or not give permission under Clause (b) ,(c) or (d) of Sub-section (1). (3) If any motion picture or any part thereof is found or jeopardizing security, law and order or harmonious relation consisting between Nepal and a friendly states or between peoples of various castes or tribes or which may cause negative impact to the public interest, descent behaviour or morality or defame any person or contempt of court or incitement to commit any offence, the Motion Picture Censors Board shall not Permit such motion picture for exhibition. Provided that, if the motion picture is not found prejudicial to this Subsection, while causing exhibited after having altered or modified of any part of the motion picture, the Film Censor Board may grant certificate to exhibit the motion picture after altering or modifying as per necessity. (4) If, in the opinion of Government of Nepal, any motion picture already permitted by the Film Censor Board for exhibition, seems to be prejudicial to Subsection (3), Government of Nepal may, at any time, direct to stop the exhibition of such motion picture or order to exhibit the same with alteration or modification as it seems necessary. (5) Any person, who is aggrieved by any decision made by the Film Censor Board under this section, may appeal before Government of Nepal within Thirty Five days of such decision. Comments Motion Picture (Production, Exhibition and Distribution) Act, 2026 (1969) 9999-12-31 Goods