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Procedure Name Registration of Patent

The Patent, Design and Trade Mark Act, 2022 (1965),

Section 4: Application for acquiring right over patent

1)      A person desirous of having any patent registered in his/her name shall submit to the Department an application as specified in Schedule- 1(A)containing the particulars mentioned hereunder, along with all available evidence in his/her possession:

(a)    Name address and occupation of the parson inventing the

(b)    If the applicant him/herself is not the inventors, how and in what manner he/she acquired title thereto from the inventor.

(c)      Process of manufacturing, operating or using the patent.

(d)    The theory or formula if any, on which the patent is based.

Along with the application pursuant Sub- Section (1), applicant shall also submit map and drawings along with particulars, of the patent, as well as the fee of Rupees 2000 as specified in Schedule 3(1) (a)

Process of Patent Registration 

1. Patent registration application

2. Initial test,

3. Substantive test,

4. Decision is made to register patent after test is completed

5. Patent registration information is published in the Nepal Gazette,

6. Complain can be filed within 35 days of publication on Nepal Gazette and a copy has been collected from the Department.

7. If a complaint is filed, a decision will be made based on the outcome of the investigation

8. Patent registration will take up to a year because of the investigation because the trail period is one year

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Application For Registration of Patent Format of an Application For Registration of Patent 2016-05-29 2016-08-22 Ministry of Industry

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Registration of Patent Registration Requirement Ministry of Industry To update the legal arrangement in respect to patents for the convenience and economic benefit of the general public and businesses; to control and regulate the activities regarding patent Application Fee Rs 2000 The Patent, Design and Trade Mark Act, 2022 (1965) 9999-12-31 Goods