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Procedure Name Application for Excise License

The Excise Duty Rules, 2059 (2002)

Rule 3. Application to be made for license: Any person, firm, company or organization who desires to manufacture, import, sell or store a product subject to excise duty or deliver the service subject to excise duty has to make an application, accompanied by the license fee referred to in Schedule-2, to the Excise Duty Officer specified by the Department, in the format referred to in Schedule-1.

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Excise License Application Form Sample of Excise License Application Form 2016-08-04 2016-11-21 Ministry of Finance

Name Measure Type Agency Description Comments Legal Document Validity To Measure Class
Excise License Licensing Requirement Ministry of Finance The license will be valid for one year. Term and validity of license:(1) The term of the license issued pursuant to Rule 4 shall remain validonly for one fiscal year.(2) The licensee shall, within one month of expiration of the term oflicense referred to in sub-rule (1), get the license renewed for onefiscal year, by paying the license fee as specified in Schedule-2 tothe Excise Duty Officer specified by the Department.(3) The licensee who does not get the license renewed within the termreferred to in sub-rule (1) may, within six months of expiration ofthe term, get the license renewed for one fiscal year, by paying anadditional fee to be set by fifty percent of the license fee as specifiedin Schedule-2 and the due and payable excise duty.(4) The license of a licensee who does not get it renewed even withinthe period referred to in sub-rule (3) shall ipso facto be cancelled. Comments The Excise Duty Rules, 2059 (2002) 9999-12-31 Goods