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Procedure Name Application for Registration of Pesticides
Pesticide Rules, 2050 (1994)

Rule 3- Application for registration of pesticides(1) A person, organization or body who intends to import, export or produce the pesticides shall, prior to the carrying out of such act, make an application to the office in such format as prescribed by the Committee, along with the registration fee of One Thousand Rupees, to get such pesticides registered pursuant to The Pesticides Act, 2048 (1991)of the Act.

(2)The person, organization or body making an application to get the pesticides registered pursuant to sub -rule (1) shall furnish such necessary technical and other information related with the pesticides as required by the office in connection with the registration. 

Rule 4- Registration of pesticides: (1) If an application is made to get the pesticides registered pursuant to rule 3, the office shall, after making necessary enquiry into the matter, and taking into consideration the effect to be caused from such pesticides to the human beings, animals, birds and environment, register the pesticides with or without imposing any terms and conditions and give the pesticides registration certificate to the applicant, in such a format as prescribed by the committee. The pesticides registration certificate given pursuant to sub- rule (1) shall remain valid for a period of five years.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1), the office shall not register the pesticides unless and until it receives such data related with the pesticides as required by it from the applicant in regard to the registration of such pesticides.

Requirements /Supporting Documents

1.  Application form for Registration Pesticides with postage stamp of Rs 10. The section 1 and 16 are to filled be the applicant and rest of the sections are to be filled by the exporters from which the applicant is importing.

2. Manufacturing License

3. Trade Mark Registration Certificate

4. WHO Specification/ISO Certificate

5. Statement Need to Use in Nepal

6.  Copy of Registration Certificate (Should be notarized)

7.  Approved Label (Should be notarized)

8.  Eco-Toxicological Data

9.  Residual Analysis Data

10. Efficacy data

11. Letter of Authorization

12. User pattern

13.  If written in Nepalese language ‘Parcha’ related to Pesticides

14.  Original label of Pesticides

15.  Trial Report by Pesticide Committee

16.   Invoice

17.   Other documents

a.       Company or Firm Registration Certificate

b.      PAN/VAT

c.       Citizenship Certificate of importer/firm

d.      Training Certificate and Result sheet of examination of District Agriculture Office

e.       Import Permit from Department of Commerce

f.        Trial Report by Pesticide Committee

18.   Technical Profile of the pesticide

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Registration of Pesticide Form Application form is used to apply for registration of pesticides 2016-03-29 2020-09-09 minsitry of government

Name Measure Type Agency Description Comments Legal Document Validity To Measure Class
Certificate for Registration of Pesticides Certificate Requirement Ministry of Agriculture Development To register and make provisions on the management of import and production and use of the pesticides. Rule 3 Certificate for Registration of Pesticides The Pesticide Regulation, 2050 (1994) 9999-12-31 Goods