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Procedure Name Paying royalty for mineral excavation
Mines and Minerals Rules, 2056 (1999) 
Rule 21. To Pay Royalty: (1) A licensee of the excavation shall have to pay royalty as referred to in Schedule-10 for each time of export of the minerals from the mining gate on the basis of the quantity of such exported minerals. 
(2) A licensee for excavation shall submit royalty to be paid pursuant to Sub-rule (1) , deposit in the revenue account in the name of Department within Seven days of the expiry of each month and monthly production details and revenue deposit voucher within Fifteen days to the Department.
 (3) If a licensee for excavation does not pay royalty within the prescribed period pursuant to Sub-rule (2), he/she shall submit additional  ... Ten percent of the royalty up to Three months of the expiry of period additional Twenty percent up to Six months and additional Thirty percent up to One year.
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To pay royalty for mineral excavation Formality Requirement Ministry of Industry This measures is about paying royalty for excavation of minerals Comments Mines and Minerals Rules, 2056 (1999) 9999-12-31 Goods