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Procedure Name Application for permit to import/export seeds

The Seeds Regulation 2054, (1997)

Rule 18: Export or Import of Notified Seeds:

(1) Any person or body who desires to export or import the Notified Seeds of any variety or species shall have to submit an application to the Member Secretary of the Board in the format referred to in Schedule - 6.

(2) After an application is received under sub-rule(1) the Member Secretary shall examine whether or not the Notified Seeds are appropriate to be exported or imported and if he deems it appropriate shall issue the permit in the format referred to in Schedule - 6.

(3 )While importing or exporting the Notified Seeds the details referred to in Schedule-8 shall be made available for the purpose of sub-section 2 of Section 15of the Act.

(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rules (1) (2) and (3), it shall be as decided by the Board while importing the Seeds in the event of natural calamity occurred in the Republic of Nepal. 

Requirements/ Supporting Documents

1.      Application  and Postage stamp of Rs 10 

2.       Company Registration Certificate

3.       Tax Registration Certificate

4.       Valid Transaction Permission Letter of issued by the District Agriculture Development Office (to be renewed every two years)

4.       Sample of seed if required

6.       Proof of purchase and other contract with the company from which the seed is being imported


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Application for Permit for export or import of Seeds Application for Permit to export or import seeds format 2016-03-31 2020-09-09 minsitry of government

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Permit to import/export seeds Permit Requirement Ministry of Agriculture Development Regulate import and export of seeds to maintain seed standards of purity, preservation and preservation of varietal source to ensure seeds of high quality standards in the country After the application submission, it will take 7 to 30 days (depends upon the inspection time of seeds) to receive the permit The Seeds Regulation 2069, (2013) 9999-12-31 Goods