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Procedure Name A procedure to apply for a license for Transmission of Electricity

Electricity Rules, 2050 (1993)

Section 13. Application to be submitted to obtain a license for Transmission of Electricity:- Any person or corporate body, who is interested to transmit the electricity, shall ha ve to submit an application in triplicate stating the following particulars relating to the proposed electricity transmission project to the Secretary through the Electricity Development Department in the format as prescribed in Schedule- 7:-

(a) Detail description of the project (source of electricity to be transmitted, estimated cost and time to complete the project, name of partners in the project and types of their association, full name and address of the person or corporate body and its directors with whom the ownership of the project shall be vested at last should be clearly shown),

(b) Route-map of the transmission line and sub-stations to be required for transmission, right-of-way to be required and single line diagram

(c) Standard transmission-voltage, transmission-capacity, standard of construction, size of wire and its distance to each other, kinds of poles and insulators and detailed map relating to the construction,

(d) Analysis of feasibility (technical description and economic analysis of the project, if the electricity is to be supplied at once description of clients and consumers, estimated quantity of electricity to be sold, and if any transmission or distribution system belonging to other person or corporate body is to be used in supplying the electricity, description of the same),

(e) Mode of finance (estimated cost of the project, economic condition of the investors of the project, commitment of the financial institutions to be involved directly in the project, and percentage of liability, sharecapital and debt of the investors),

(f) Acquisition or utilization of house and land (land-owners' description and total area of the public or private land to be required for the project for utilization or acquisition temporarily or permanently),

(g) Analysis of environmental effect (measures to be taken to minimize the adverse affect due to project on environment, social and economic effect of project on the said area, utilization of local labour, source and materials, benefits to be taken by the local people after the completion of the project, training to be provided for local people in relation to construction, maintenance and operation, facilities to be required for construction site, safety arrangements and effect on landowners due to operation of the project, details of people to be evacuated and necessary plan for their rehabilitation also should be clearly shown),

(h) Description regarding sale and purchase of electric power of the project (if there is any agreement or letter of intention and related any other documents relating to the same the copy should be enclosed),

(i) Map showing the other structures relating to electricity within the periphery of one and half kilometers of the transmission line,

(j) Other necessary matters.

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