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Procedure Name License to collect, Sell and Distribute of Herbs

Forest Rules, 2051 (1995) 

Section 11. Collection, Sale and Distribution of Herbs : (1) Any one desiring of collecting herbs as prescribed in Schedule-3 from any Forest Area shall submit an application to the Authorized Officer, explicitly mentioning the type of herbs, the area of collection, the quantity and the purpose of collection. 

(2) If it is found through enquiries into the application filed pursuant to Sub-rule (1) that no ban has been imposed on the collection of the herbs for which the request has been made, the Authorized Officer may issue a License to collect herbs in the format prescribed in Schedule - 4. 

(3) The Authorized Officer shall tally the herbs collected according to the License is issued for their collection pursuant to Subrule (2) with the License, check quantities of collected herbs and issue a release order in the format as prescribed in Schedule -5 after collecting the fees prescribed in Schedule - 3. 

(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-rule (3), the License to collect, sell and distribute a variety of the herbs specified by the Government of Nepal may be issued to the person who offers the highest bid in an auction.
(5) For the purpose of identifying, selling and distributing herbs not mentioned in Schedule and which have yet to be identified, the Authorized Officer shall submit the matter to the Government of Nepal and taken an action as sanctioned by the Government of Nepal.

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