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Nepal is unique on a number of levels, perhaps the most important being its sheer natural beauty. Home of the world’s highest mountain range and containing eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, Nepal is a magnet for the world’s most avid mountaineers, rock climbers, trekkers, and adventure seekers. Nepal’s significant variation in altitude ranging from 67 meters in south-eastern Terai, to the tallest mountain on earth, Sagarmatha, measuring 8,848 meters, gives Nepal a remarkable variety in its floral resources. The country is habituated by people of more than 100 ethnicities and therefore is home to a wide array of cultures and civilizations.

Nepal’s exports reflect this diversity. Products like tea and coffee are grown in the most pristine hills, and its medicinal plants grow in untouched remote mountains. Craftsmen honing their skills for centuries produce jewelleries and carpets whose designs not only reflect their skills but also Nepal’s culture and religion. These products are also produced by people of low- to middle-income families, therefore, providing much-needed support to their households.

Being an LDC and member of several multilateral and regional agreements like WTO, SAFTA and BIMSTEC have meant that Nepal enjoys preferential advantages in several important markets in North America, Europe, South Asia, and Australia. As a result, Nepalese goods are not only of excellent quality of also cheaper to import making it attractive for foreign prospective buyers.

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