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Honey, natural


TBS Pure Honey (Chiuri Honey) : Chiuri (butter tree) is a large tree, naturally occurring in warm temperate areas throughout the Himalayan tract in Nepal up to 1500m above sea level. It flowers during cold season. During this season, the plant produces so much nectar that it overflows; hence it is very fragrant and full of pollen. Chiuri Honey is harvested at winter from the pristine high altitudes of the Himalayas, giving it a uniquely high antioxidant capacity. Chiuri is multipurpose tree which has significant cultural and livelihood associations with the Chepang community of Nepal.

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1 ton

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Natural Honey from Chiuri (Butter Tree) floral Source

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Food grade PET jar in 1 Kg and TAG indicating the source

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FoB USD 9.60 per Kg

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12 kg