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Scarves, wool or fine animal air, woven, Shawls, wool or fine animal hair, woven


For Knitted products we do a whole range of Cardigans, Sweaters, Bolero, Ponchos, Capes, Twin Sets, Snood, Bonnet, Blankets, Throws, Wraps, Caps, Gloves, Hats, Socks, Kids wear, etc. in various knitting styles such as plain, cable, net, etc. as well as different styles such as Collar Neck, V-Neck, Key-Hole Neck, Round Neck, Turtle Neck, Hi-Neck etc. in gauges starting from 4G, 8G 12G, 14G, 16G. For Woven products we have a range of Shawls, Stoles, Scarves, Ponchos, Capes, Throws, Blankets, etc. of various sizes, qualities and colours. We can do them in any size you order. For Knitted and Woven products, we use different varieties, counts and ply of yarns such as 100% Cashmere, Cashmere / Silk, Cashmere / Bamboo, Cashmere / Wool, Cashmere / Cotton, 100% Wool, Ultra Fine Wool, 100% Cotton, 100% Silk, Wool / Katan Silk, Linen/Cashmere, 100% Linen, 100% YAK Wool, etc.

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2000 pieces per month.

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100% Cashmere

Packaging and Labeling

packaging is first done in single transparent plastic bags and then packed in a corrugated boxes, in lots of 100 to 150 pieces in each box depending on the size / weight of the product.

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Minimum Order Quantities

20 pieces per size / style