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Unlock the Elixir of Vitality - Shilaamrit: Purified 100% Natural Shilajit Resin from the Pristine Himalayas! At Keyone International, we are delighted to introduce you to Shilaamrit, a premium and 100% natural shilajit resin carefully sourced from the majestic Himalayan region of Nepal. As a distinguished name in the wellness industry, we extend an invitation to experience the pure vitality and rejuvenating properties of Shilaamrit, while promoting fair trade and sustainable practices. Shilaamrit exudes an essence of unparalleled vitality, hailing from the heart of the Himalayas. With its unique combination of minerals and bioactive compounds, Shilaamrit promises to revitalize and energize your body and mind, elevating your overall well-being to new heights.

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Supply Capacities

500000 pieces

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100% Natural Shilajit Resin

Packaging and Labeling

25 g

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Upon Request

Minimum Order Quantities

500 pieces

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