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Name Export Prohibition
Description Certain goods from following categories are absolutely prohibited for export. 1. Articles of Archaeological and Religious Importance 2. Conserved wildlife and related articles3. Drugs4. Articles of Industrial Raw Materials5. Industrial Raw Materials
Comments Export absolutely prohibited.
Validity From 1989-09-28
Validity To 9999-12-31
Technical Code
Agency Ministry of Industry
Created Date 2016-06-09 14:31:28.0
Update Date 2016-09-18 12:54:58.0
Status Active
Measure Type Restriction
Legal/Regulation Export and Import (Control) Act, 2013 (1957)
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This measure applies to commodity/s

HS Code Description
01022100 Cow & oxe Pure-bred breeding, Cow & oxe Pure-bred breeding
01022900 Cow & oxe other, Oxen, live, excluding pure-bred breeding
05100000 Ambergris, Bags, gall, animal, chilled, used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products, Bags, gall, animal, fresh, used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products, Bags, gall, animal, frozen, used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products, Bags
12119000 Chinese raw herbs, cut, for pharmacy, Chips, sandalwood, for fungicidal use, Chips, sandalwood, for insecticidal use, Chips, sandalwood, for perfumery use, Gaharu wood chips, Garroowood, for fungicidal use, Garroowood, for insecticidal use, Garroowood, fo
13021100 Opii, pulvis, Opium, excluding pulvis opii
30051000 Medicated plaster, Plasters, medicated, adhesive, for retail sale
41032000 Raw hides and skins Of reptiles (fresh, or salted, dried, limed, pickled or otherwise preserved
41069200 Tanned or crust hides and skins of ohter animals, without wool or hair on, whether or not split, but not further prepared In the dry state
51011100 Wool, shorn, greasy, including fleece-washed wool, not carded or combed
51011900 Wool, greasy, including fleece-washed wool, not carded or combed, excluding shorn wool
51012100 Wool, shorn, degreased, not carbonised, not carded or combed
51012900 Wool, degreased, not carbonised, not carded or combed, excluding shorn wool
51013000 Wool, carbonised, not carded or combed
71181000 Coins, not being legal tender, excluding gold and silver coins, Coins, silver, not being legal tender
71189000 Coins, gold
93011000 Anti-tank guns, Artillery Weapons (for example, guns, howitzers and mortars), self-propelled, Bazookas, self-propelled, Canno self-propelled, Carbines, military, self-propelled, Field howitzers, Guns, anti-aircraft, self-propelled, Guns, anti-tank, self-p
93012000 Flame-throwers, Grenade launchers, Launchers, rocket, self-propelled, Rocket launchers, Rocket launchers; flame-throwers; grenade launchers; torpedo tubes and similar projectors, Torpedo tubes
93019000 Military guns, Military machine guns, Military rifles, Other military weapons, other than revolvers, pistols and the arms of heading 93.07
93020000 Pistols, military, Revolvers and pistols, other than those of heading 93.03 or 93.04, Revolvers, military
93031000 Guns, muzzle-loading, Muzzle-loading firearms
93032000 Hunting shotguns, Shotgun-rifles, Shotguns for hunting, Shotguns, target-shooting, Sporting or target-shooting shotguns, including combination shotgun-rifles
93033000 Guns, sporting, excluding shotguns and airguns, Hunting rifles, Rifles, target-shooting, excluding air rifles, Sporting or target-shooting rifles
93039000 Dummy pistols, Dummy revolvers, Guns, harpoon, Guns, line-throwing, Guns, warning, Harpoon guns, not muzzle-loading, Killers, captive bolt humane, Other firearms including Very pistols, pistols and revolvers for firing blank ammunition only, line-throwing
93040000 Air guns, not exceeding 7 kgf/cm2, Canes, weighted, for police, Carbines, air, operating at a pressure of equal or more than 7 kgf/cm2, Carbines, air, operating at a pressure of less than 7 kgf/cm2, Carbines, gas, Catapults, for shooting birds, excluding
93051000 Barrels for revolvers or pistols, Catches, safety, for revolvers or pistols, Guards, trigger, for revolvers or pistols, Magazines for revolvers or pistols, Parts and accessories of revolvers or pistols, Pieces, cocking, for revolvers or pistols, Plates, b
93052000 Barrels, rifle, Other parts and accessories hunting shotguns, not exceeding 7 kg, Other parts and accessories of shotguns or rifles of heading 93.03, Shotgun barrel
93059100 Parts and accessories Of military weapons of revolvers, pistols and the arms
93059900 Parts and accessories Other arms
93062100 Cartridges, Cartridges, shotgun
93062900 Bullets (munition), for shotgun cartridges, Parts of shotgun cartridges including cartridge wads and air gun pellets, Pellets, airgun, Shot for shotgun cartridges
93063000 Cartridges for riveting or similar tools or for captive-bolt humane killers and parts thereof, Cartridges for riveting tools
93069000 Bombs (munition), Darts, for air, gas or spring guns, carbines or pistols, Fins for bombs, Grenade lever, Grenades, Harpoon, Mines, Mines, military, Missiles, military, Pellets for spring guns, Protective caps for ammunition fuses, Sea mines, Slugs, ammun
97011000 Drawings executed entirely by hand, Paintings executed entirely by hand, Pastels executed entirely by hand
97019000 Manuscripts, illuminated, executed entirely by hand
97060000 Anatomical Collection, antique, over 100 years, Antique clocks, Antique furniture, Antique gold wares, Antique jewellery, Antique musical instruments, Antique silver wares, Archaeological Collection, antique, over 100 years, Botanical Collection, antique,