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Name Permit to import/export seeds
Description Regulate import and export of seeds to maintain seed standards of purity, preservation and preservation of varietal source to ensure seeds of high quality standards in the country
Comments After the application submission, it will take 7 to 30 days (depends upon the inspection time of seeds) to receive the permit
Validity From 2006-12-20
Validity To 9999-12-31
Technical Code
Agency Ministry of Agriculture Development
Created Date 2016-03-31 14:32:01.0
Update Date 2016-10-25 11:40:39.0
Status Active
Measure Type Permit Requirement
Legal/Regulation The Seeds Regulation 2069, (2013)
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Title Description Category View Procedure Detail with Relevant Form
Application for permit to import/export seeds Any person or body looking to export or import the Notified Seeds of any variety or species shall have to submit an application to the Member Secretary of the Board. Rule 18 Procedure View

This measure applies to commodity/s

HS Code Description
07011000 Seeds, potato, chilled, Seeds, potato, fresh
07019000 Potatoes, chilled, Potatoes, fresh
09092200 Seeds of coriander crushed or ground
09093100 Seeds of cumin Neither crushed nor ground
09093200 Seeds of cumin crushed or ground
09096100 Seeds of anise, badian, caraway or fennel; juniper berries Neither crushed nor ground
10011100 Durum wheat Seeds
10011900 Durum wheat Other
10021000 Rye Seeds
10029000 Rye for human feeding
10031000 Barley Seeds
10041000 Oats.Seeds
10051000 Seed, maize (corn)
10061000 Rice in the husk (paddy or rough), Rice Seeds
10071000 Grain sorghum Seeds
10082100 Millet Seeds
10083000 Seeds, canary
12011000 Soya beans Seeds
12051000 Seeds, colza, low erucic acid, Seeds, rape, low erucic acid
12059000 Rape or colza seeds, whether or not broken
12060000 Seeds, sunflower
12071000 Palm nuts and kernels
12072100 Cotton seeds
12072900 Cotton seed Other
12073000 Castor oil seed
12074000 Sesamum seeds
12075000 Seeds, mustard
12076000 Seeds, safflower
12077000 Red watermelon seeds
12079100 Seeds, kaskas, Seeds, poppy
12079900 Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits Other
12091000 Seed, sugar beet, of a kind used for sowing
12092100 Seeds, alfafa, of a kind used for sowing, Seeds, Lucerne, of a kind used for sowing
12092200 Clover (Trifolium spp.) seeds
12092300 Seeds, fescue, of a kind used for sowing
12092400 Seeds, Kentucky blue grass, of a kind used for sowing
12092500 Seed, Rye grass, of a kind used for sowing
12092900 Seeds of Other grass
12093000 Seeds, herbaceous plant, cultivated principally for their flowers
12099100 Seeds of Vegetable
12099900 Oil palm germinated seeds, Seeds, fruit, for sowing, Seeds, rubber, excluding sterile rubber seeds, Seeds, tamarind, Spores, for sowing, excluding mushroom spawns
13023200 Gum, guar, Mucilages, guar seed, Mucilages, locust bean, Thickeners, guar seeds, Thickeners, locust bean
13023900 Carrageenan, Flour, cotyledon, tamarind seeds, Mucilages, vegetable, excluding guar seeds and locust bean mucilages, Thickeners, vegetable, excluding guar seeds and locust bean thickeners
15121100 Oil, safflower, crude, Oil, sunflower-seed, crude
15121900 Oil, safflower, refined, Oil, sunflower-seed, refined
15122100 Oil, cotton-seed, crude
15122900 Oil, cotton-seed, refined