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Pashmina is produced from some of the finest wool derived from the inner coats of the Himalayan goat, Chyangra (or Carpa Hircus). These Chyangras roam in some of the highest altitudes and remotest villages of Nepal. Below the primary outer coating of the animal is located some of the finest, softest, warmest and lightest wool found in all of nature and is widely regarded as the most delicate and refined wool in the entire world. As such it is also known by the names like “Diamond Fiber” and “Soft Gold of High Asia.” As such, the fiber is unparalleled in uniqueness and elegance to any other fibers.

Pashmina is characterized by its fineness and its fiber is widely considered to be of less than 17 microns and therefore requires the assistance of some of the best artisans of the world. The soft pashmina fiber is used in producing a wide variety of products including shawls, garments, carpets, blankets, stoles and such. 

Pashmina products are some of the largest overseas export items of Nepal. Because of their excellence, pashmina products are demanded from all over Europe, the United States, and Japan. To ensure good quality, Nepalese manufacturers now produce under registered quality mark Chyangra Pashmina (find more details here). The logo guarantees the quality of the final product along with quality verification in the entire value chain.

The pashmina sector provides direct employment to more than 25,000 people in Nepal. The majority of those employed are women who are involved in the rearing goats, refining and maintaining the fibers and weaving garments out of pashmina. In factories, mostly traditional crafts and mechanical handlooms are used to prepare pashmina products ensuring employment to the maximum number of people.

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Certificate of Origin Formality Requirement Ministry of Finance Section 21. Attachment of the documents with the declaration form: (1) A person importing or exporting goods pursuant to Section 18 of the Act, while submitting declaration form to the customs officer, shall submit the following documents including Certificate of Origin. Comments Customs Regulation, 2064 (2007) 9999-12-31 00:00:00.0
Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Certificate Requirement Ministry of Finance 21. Attachment of the documents with the declaration form:(1) As per section 18 of the Act, the person importing or exporting goods,while submitting declaration form to the customs officer, should submitfollowing documents(a)..(b)...(c) For exportation(1) Invoice(2) Packing list(3) Certificate of Origin(4) Banking document regarding payment procedure, in case of export to third country(5) Documents which are required as per prevailing law regarding the recommendation, license, or certificate from any institution. However Certificate of Origin shall not be mandatory for the export in which G.S.P. certificate is required. Comments Customs Regulation, 2064 (2007) 9999-12-31 00:00:00.0


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